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Rtapalli Vidyapitha - a free residential Odiya-language high school - was established on 15th August, 1997, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of India's independence. Modeled on India's rich Gurukula tradition, Rtapalli stands on the two pillars of Rta (Truth) and Shraddha (Love). The motto of the school is taken from the Rig Veda: Aano Bhadra Krtavo Yantu Vishwatah. It means: Let Noble Thoughts Come to Us from Everywhere.

Rtapalli Vidyapitha was founded by the Shraddha Foundation Trust registered in 1997 in Odisha, India. Shraddha receives all funds from its sister organization, Toshali Vidyapitha Inc. registered in New York in 1996. Both Shraddha and Toshali, two non-profit organizations, were founded with the main objective of opening schools in India.

Keeping the ideals of Shraddha Foundation in focus, Rtapalli aims to create a nucleus of students brought up with academic excellence and strong social commitment. In the ambiance of a Gurukula with modern technology, Rtapalli intends to shape the builders who will shape our nation and the world beyond. Here you can have a glimpse into the Mission and Vision of Rtasrota - the institution being built by our Rtashrees.

To have a glimpse into Rtapalli, please listen to a line from the Oriya poet Pallikabi Nandakishore Bal on Nation Building as spoken to the Rtashrees by our Chief Speaker in Rtotsava2008.

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Admission Policy: About 15 students are admitted to Class VI each year from all over Odisha through a two-phase entrance test. Students from low-income families and rural areas are given preference for half of the seats. Keeping in focus the philosophy of Shraddha, Toshali and Rtapalli Founders that all children are equal, the other half of seats are need-blind and filled without any discrimination.

Rtapalli Vidyapitha, At- Guabari, P.O.- Sasan, Via- Balipatana, Dist- Khurda, Orissa, Pin- 752102, Telephone - 674-2461741, 833-909-8673 (mobile), Email: rtapalli@shraddha.org