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Each and every child is endowed with God's gift. Society must provide the requisite love, care and opportunity for them to blossom. Shraddha Foundation is dedicated to our children. We will strive to see them grow by standing on Rta (Satya and Dharma) and Shraddha (love, faith and respect).

Shraddha Foundation receives funds from its sister organization Toshali Vidyapitha to fund Rtapalli Vidyapitha. Shraddha and Toshali are both non-profit oranizations. Toshali was registered in New York in 1996 by Bidyut Baran Das: Founder and Chairman; Bijaylaxmi Das: Co-Founder and President, and Ashutosh Dutta: Secretary. Shraddha was registered in Odisha, India in 1997 by Bidyut Baran Das Founder, Bijaylaxmi Das: Co-Founder, Aswini Mohanty, Timir Baran Das, and Sanjit Ghose. Mr. Saroj Nanda, is the Toshali representative in India.