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Academics: The academic year 2012-13 was a landmark year for Rtapalli for three reasons. First, we completely overhauled the mathematics programme with help from Richard Rusczyk of Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), a US-based organization. Second was the advent of edX, a platform that brings outstanding courses from MIT, Harvard and other prestigious universities to our classes and living rooms. Third was the crystallization of one of Rtapalli's missions in the formalization of Rtasrota by our former students - the Rtashrees - the children of the Rtapalli family.

By taking advantage of edX Rtapalli is able to bypass rote learning and reach the real Gurus around the world. For example, our 9-10th Class students have completed a demonstration-filled calculus-based physics course by Prof. Walter Lewin of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The previous semester they took an extraordinarily fascinating journey through the Secret of Life - An Introduction to Biology course by Prof. Eric S. Lander, a Professor at both MIT and Harvard Medical School, and one of the principal leaders of the Human Genome Project. He is the Co-Chair of President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), which directly advises the White House on matters of science and technology.

How did our students react to AoPS and these courses from esteemed universities in the world? After all we admit students from Odiya-medium (language) elementary schools. Please visit the Student Comments page for their reactions.

For more information on our new curriculum please visit our Curriculum page.

A student with a passing grade receives a verifiable certificate from edX. Here is Amrutamay's certificate (who got 90% Total grade) signed by Prof. Lander.

In addition to mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, strong emphasis is given to Sanskrit, Oriya and English literature. Our students learn to recite various Suktas from the Vedas.

In order to ensure a wholesome growth of our children Rtapalli provides opportunities to learn classical Odissi dance and Indian classical music(Vocal, Tabla).

Rtapalli Vidyapitha, At- Guabari, P.O.- Sasan, Via- Balipatana, Dist- Khurda, Odisha, Pin- 752102, Telephone - 674-2461741

Email: rtapalli@shraddha.org

Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life: About 30000 people took this course from around the world out of which about 3000 including all our 9th graders passed the course.

Our 9th Class students received certificates from MITx after passing the course Introduction to Biology in March-June 2013.

Class IX-X students taking the edX course 8.01x:Classical Mechanics by Prof. Walter Lewin (starting Sept2013).