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Rtapalli- A Modern Gurukula: We intend to combine the residential nature of a Gurukula, where the students live as a family under the loving care of their Gurus, with modern technology. While open-air classes strengthen the bond with nature, multimedia presentations provide expertise from around the world.

Standing under a thatched roof and surrounded by the greenery, Gurushree Prafulla explains Rtashrees the basic structure of a plant cell.

Rutuparna Das, on a Public Service Fellowship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, teaches Rtashrees graphing of exponential functions.

Gurushree Prasant explains the 9th graders the complexities of chemical bonding.

Rtashrees surrounded by the soothing bounty of nature - serenity and beauty.

A hearty laugh can do your heart a lot of good.

Gurushree Saroj enveloped in golden sunshine.