Student Comments: Some of the reactions of our students to the introduction of AoPS with its Alcumus and new edX courses (a couple of comments given by the same student at different times are combined):

MITx:700x Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life, Spring 2013:

"... The topics of Recombinant DNA and Genomics were totally new for me. But as I continued the classes I got confidence to continue further...I am very glad that I have finished this course in a proper way by maintaining the code of conduct and scoring a good result as I hadn't expected in the beginning of the course..." - Amrutamaya Behera

"...I am more happy that I learnt and enjoyed so much. I can't forget the 3 months of edx," - Yasmin Parwin

"...I felt an unimaginable happiness after the exam. And now I am confident on this beautiful course," - Pratyush Pattnaik

"...I have maintained the code of conduct properly. In this exam the questions are very interesting... ...every weekend we got a problem set which were more interesting... I never experienced like this before...I really thank Kitu dada for this decision..." - Satyaprakash Nayak

"...The 3month I cannot forget. I enjoyed it so much," Prajna Sahu

"I finished it in a proper way and maintained the honor code...The total course was so interesting," -Prajna Paramita Nahak

MITx:801x Classical Mechanics, Fall 2013. All comments are from Class IX students:

"...Who could think that our height is more when we are asleep than when we are standing, not before taking this course. Our four months four days experience was the best experience I ever had. I am very eager to take more online courses in the future. ..." - Sourabh Saraf

"...Professor Walter Lewin made me love Physics through those wonderful demonstrations and the examples of its daily life applications. This course had a deep impact on my life ..." - Kasturi Swain

"...I enjoyed the course very much. It will help me a lot in the future.," - Arup Prusty

"...I really enjoyed those demonstrations and it will be very useful for me in future.," Manas Rout

"...Professor Walter Lewin made me love Physics (This is in reference to Prof. Lewin's statement that he would make you love physics whether you liked it or not). I am eager to take more online courses in the future. I want to take 8.02x (electricity and magnetism) in the summer vacation," Bismay Dash

Impact of AoPS and its Alcumus:AoPS was introduced in the Fall 2012. And the following comments are from a student survey:

"...Alcumus provided me a challenging mathematics experience. I am very glad to be a part of the Aops online community. Mathematics learning had never been so much fun. Its like playing with mathematics. Which online community could provide such challenging mathematics problems free of cost. When I started doing Alcumus I was so involved in it that I did those problems even in the recess. Sometimes my lunch time was delayed. But I was not able to do Alcumus problems after the month of August as I had to give 12-15 hours per week the calculus based Physics course. ..." - Sourabh Saraf

"... I'm really so lucky to get a golden opportunity for using aops. Aops helped me in increasing my math standard. It is very exciting and enjoyable.." - Sameeksha Sahu

"...Charlie Chaplin says, "A day without a laughter is wasted. " But in my 9th class a day without alcumus is a day wasted. I wasted some days but got a lot of experience to do math swiftly and rightly. When I pass a topic I feel so much comfortable and confident in that topic. Till now I did alcumus only for a year but its invincible(sic) effects will affect my mathematics career for ever. ..." - Pratyush Pattnaik

"AOPS presents a number of ways to develop any student's confidence in mathematics, no matter he/she is strong or weak at this subject. It was a special moment for me when I heard about this site. AOPS site is so interesting with a number of books, videos, online classes. And I will say with great joy and satisfaction that:"AOPS started a golden era at Rtapalli's mathematics stream."- Sweta Suman

"... I am really very astonished with my improvement in mathematics due to Alcumus. Really I have learned the art to do mathematics and enjoy it through Alcumus,which is an extraordinary program for middle age(school) learners to construct a strong base for their future, because mathematics is the base of our future career. Now I am feeling that I have enough confidence to face a challenging problem not only in math but also in every subject which was beyond my expectation in my earlier days," - Amrutamaya Behera

"...Alcumus, Art Of Problem Solving's innovative online learning system is a Mathematics game which provides me challenging problems in Mathematics. As I leveled up in Alcumus I felt more comfortable for higher Mathematics. It makes me more confident on a topic as I mastered more and more topics. It also provides me many Mathematics games like Leader board, Greed Control and Reaper which are full of fun. Really this is the way to learn Mathematics.. ..." - Satyaprakash Nayak

"... Alcumus helps me to be more confident in mathematics. I feel so lucky for this. I really thank Art of Problem Solving for this exciting site." - Prashansha Mohanta

"I am so lucky that I have got such a mathematics skill testing learning system. It is a system where we can test our mathematics level. Alcumus gives us a lot of math problems from different levels. So after facing such problems I have improved my mathematics level a lot. I have also enjoyed it very much. I think my friends have also enjoyed it so much." Shakti Prasad Mishra

"... when I started the alcumus I was very nervous. So I was not doing the math. But once I started it I liked it very much..." - Yasmin Parwin

" I am very happy that I have been improving my mathematical skill by facing different types of challenging problems in alcumus. I have learned that how to develop new ideas and apply them to solve a challenging problem. I am very much excited with the curriculum of the alcumus and their problemsolving tricks." -Jyotiprakash Paramanik

"... AOPS is very important for increasing our math standard...And by the help of aops my math standard started to increase. It is very interesting to solve problems on various chapters. And I hope we will try to solve problems a lot but not to give importance on points. And finally I enjoy it very very much.." - Sonali Nanda

" I have never experienced such joy in doing mathematics before... Alcumus which is an innovative learning program of Art Of Problem Solving(AOPS)... now I have a strong base for my future career. So I am really very pleased with AOPS and my school for giving me this opportunity." - Bismay Dash

" I have improved a lot in mathematics due to alcumus. I have enjoyed it very much. I have developed my skills in mathematics only because of alcumus. So I am really very glad that I have got the opportunity to learn the art to do mathematics in alcumus." - Shreetam Mishra

"I am very lucky to do many difficult problems in Alcumus. It develops many new ideas in mathematics and to solve the critical problems that will help me in AMC 12 and other exams. It also encourages me to develop mathematical writing skills.It provides me with a challenge to get more and more problems in Alcumus." -Debasish Gochhayat

"Alcumus provided me a challenging mathematics experience. Many of the problems are from major national math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS,MOEMS,American Mathematics Competitions etc. I am very glad to be a part of the Aops online community..." - Kasturi Swain